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Our signature vanilla bean butter cake with bubblegum rainbow buttercream frosting, bubble gum white chocolate ganahce and sprinkles.


Reach out to our team to discuss if you would like have any idea to customise your cake


  • What size should I order?

    How many pieces will I get from my cake?

    This depends on how big/generous you will cut each piece, and if your cake is the only dessert at your party, or part of a dessert buffet etc.

    Generally speaking, we suggest:

    2 Layer 25cm - our smallest cake, great for small gatherings of approx 10-15 people.

    3 Layer 25cm- also great for small parties,

    with extra height. Approx 15-20 people.

    2 Layer 30cm- Approx 30-35 people.

    3 Layer 30cm- Approx 35-50 people.

  • How much notice do I need to give?

    We require 2 business days notice for all cake orders

    If you've got yourself in a last minute cake-less situation, give us a call and we'll see what we can do

    Orders can be picked up: 

    Tuesday - Friday: 7am-1.30pm

    Saturday and Sunday: 8am-1.30pm

  • Can I make some changes?

    If you have a special request for a cake please call us before placing your order online.
    Types of requests may include:

    • A different design in mind than pictured
    • Flowers
    • Extra lollies 
    • Different Coloured or Flavoured Frosting
    • Candles

      Please note: we do not offer writing on our cakes
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