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  • What size should I order?

    How many pieces will I get from my cake?

    This depends on how big/generous you will cut each piece, and if your cake is the only dessert at your party, or part of a dessert buffet etc.

    Generally speaking, we suggest:

    2 Layer 25cm - our smallest cake, great for small gatherings of approx 10-15 people.

    3 Layer 25cm- also great for small parties,

    with extra height. Approx 15-20 people.

    2 Layer 30cm- Approx 30-35 people.

    3 Layer 30cm- Approx 35-50 people.

  • How much notice do I need to give?

    We require 2 business days notice for all cake orders

    If you've got yourself in a last minute cake-less situation, give us a call and we'll see what we can do

    Orders can be picked up: 

    Tuesday - Friday: 7am-1.30pm

    Saturday and Sunday: 8am-1.30pm

  • Can I make some changes?

    If you have a special request for a cake please call us before placing your order online.
    Types of requests may include:

    • A different design in mind than pictured
    • Flowers
    • Extra lollies 
    • Different Coloured or Flavoured Frosting
    • Candles

      Please note: we do not offer writing on our cakes
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